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Fresh off her BEST ACTRESS WIN as the leading lady in “SILVERLAKE VIDEO:THE MOVIE” at the MOCKFEST FILM FESTIVAL, Sex Bomb Patricia Rae shows just why she’s a sizzler of immense appeal. It’s both her ravishing beauty and graciously pleasant nature that will have many clamoring for her. Guess what folks, PATRICIA has so kindly give me an interview as she tells us the secrets of her success, her thoughts on nudity in film and why she is a definite SEX SYMBOL.

10 Questions With Patricia Rae

1. Can you tell us why you became an actress and who or what inspired you to do so?

I was a very precocious child, quite talkative and I used my humor to deflect bad behavior. I was the class clown… and we moved very often when I was young so it was hard for me because i would make friends and then I would have to make friends again. I watched a lot of tv and i was really influenced by Carol Burnette and Lucille Ball- I would act out skits and play all the characters myself. I would play talk show host and interview myself. I had a very active imagination… But I was also very dramatic and my childhood was very traumatic so that really lends itself to giving a lot of depth to my performances. Also having my daughter at an early age really grounded me as a person. Thank you Sage!

2. Do you consider yourself a sex symbol?

I think I am sexy woman. I always have been… I attracted a lot of unwanted attention at an early age. Which made me very confrontational with men… when they would say inappropriate things. I am talking even as early as age 10… Do I consider myself a sex symbol? I would think so. Especially as an example of what living a healthy and happy life looks like in your mid forties. I hope that inspires woman— which is what I think a true sex symbol should encompass, the power and the courage to own your own sexuality!

3. Tell us some of your more memorable moments on set.

Producing and acting in my own project, Silverlake Video the Movie was an amazing and empowering experience. I have been in the business for twenty years and have worked with famous actors, but nothing beats making the dream happen for yourself. I helped my partner Matteo Ribaudo with everything from investors, locations, to craft services, while I was acting and working my day job. I really had to dig in and make everything work. I was running on fumes doing night shoots, and I really had to trust that I had done all my homework and that It would show up on the screen. I guess it did, because I was nominated for Best Actress at Mockfest Film Festival in LA. Working on Maria Full of Grace was also such a lightning in a bottle moment. I knew it would be a great film… and to be a part of that magic was such a gift. The director Joshua Marston had great faith, and gave us a long leash to run with.

4. What’s on the horizon for Patricia Rae and what are your projects we should be looking forward to?

I was just in Chicago shooting added scenes for “The Chicago Code”, a new series by creator Shawn Ryan (The Shield, The Unit) starring Jennifer Beals (The L-Word). I play her long time friend, who allows her to fast track my only son, into the Chicago Police department, with devastating results. Also… I really hope that I get to actually film my wedding on “Chuck” this season, since Big Mike did ask for my hand in marriage! Apart from that, I have taken my life on a new path and become a certified yoga instructor, and hope to enrich others through my teaching.

5. What has been the secret to your success?

I never gave up faith. I am in it to win it. Lol. Life is a journey— not a destination. And at least I can say I died trying… and that is a great legacy to pass onto others, especially your children.

6. You were amazing in Chuck so why do you think your on-screen work has struck a chord with your fans all over the world?

I play characters that display courage and a sense of self worth. Because I make life seem possible at any age… I like to think people connect to that. The eye of the tiger, fighter in me really informs my characters.

7. Your thoughts on gratuitous nudity in films….is it a necessity?

No. I think that unless it has to do with the storyline or is an essential part of story telling it really just gets in the way. Go rent a porno if you want to see naked chicks. Or do playboy if you need the exposure. However, there are some movies that are sexual in nature where you would expect to see nudity. But I think most filmmakers use it gratuitously. I have never done nudity in a film. Now with that said… at my age if people still want to see me naked— I might have to consider it. Lol.

8. You’ve been called everything from a Red Hot Mama to A Sex Kitten, how do you take that?

I love it! Smile.

9. What is the one thing you cannot live without?


10. Tell us something about Patricia Rae that nobody knows about.

I am very shy…


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